The Saltwater Loyalty Story

Saltwater Loyalty was born from Saltwater Software, a company created to uphold the value and vision of Development Districts and Retail Centers nationwide. Through our proven technology, design, and marketing tools, Saltwater keeps the backbone of our economy inspired and growing. We developed our Loyalty product after discovering that it could not only help clients, but also thrives in our sweet spot: the intersection of marketing and technology. Today saltwater Loyalty powers destinations across the US, including santa Monica Chamber of commerce, Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Old Sacramento Waterfront, and Husdon Square in Manhattan.

Jason Gilbert

Digital Mastermind

Since launching his digital agency, The Ocean Group, over 20 years ago, Jason has worked with everyone from Paramount Pictures to Microsoft. When his team launched the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s original digital customer rewards program in the early 2000s, Jason knew he was witnessing loyalty in its infancy. Now with clients from Pittsburgh to LA, Jason and the Saltwater Software team create innovative solutions to everyday problems by leveraging the best in technology.

Vincent Drake

The Geek Extraordinaire

As the technical lead, Vince never hesitates to look for automated solutions to human problems. After working with several of the nation’s largest BIDs and REITs, Jason and Vince found that many of their clients understood the benefits of a loyalty program but were put off by the steep startup costs. Others had programs that were fragmented and archaic.

When the retail disruption hit, Jason and Vince grew increasingly frustrated that they were unable to offer a loyalty platform for BID and REIT clients, knowing that it could help drive foot traffic. Then Vincent discovered advances in credit card security and linking that could facilitate this process. He immediately got to work developing something that could integrate with Saltwater Software’s proven marketing toolbox. Thrilled, Jason called an old friend and retail guru to gauge its feasibility…

Mikke Pierson

The Retailer In Chief

A successful retailer and retail association leader, Mikke advises many start-ups and retailers looking to pivot. He loves nothing more than to help others thrive. When he took the call from Jason telling him about his new Saltwater Loyalty product, Mikke was so passionate about the concept, he jumped on board to help with its development. Since then, Mikke’s purpose and passion has been to make sure the merchants maximize the value that this platform can bring to their businesses and to their bottom line.

Steve Jaffe

Mr. Destination

Focused on making destinations thrive, Steve’s work includes the Cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well the Westfield Group. While working at Hollywood & Highland, Steve met Jason and Vince as an Ocean Group client. After deploying the IKE Smart City digital kiosks, Steve truly appreciated how well digital solutions drive foot traffic and engagement to destinations. Once the Loyalty platform arrived, Jason got the call from Steve with three game-changing words, “I want in.” Steve has been an invaluable member of the team ever since.

Now, these industry leaders are united as Saltwater Loyalty, here to ignite your business with smart, proven, scalable tools.

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Saltwater Loyalty Proudly Partners With

Malibu Chamber of Commerce
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
Old Sacramento Waterfront
Squirrel Hill
Hudson Square
Kings Highway
Oxnard, CA
Westwood Village
Beaver Area Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Missoula Partnership
Downtown Somerville

"I am excited for the opportunity to provide our merchants a loyalty platform that gives various reward options while offering robust customer data. Using this platform, our community will be rewarded for their loyalty to Squirrel Hill in a variety of new and creative ways."

- Heather Graham, Uncover Squirrel Hill

"As we look to reopen the city, we are even more eager to share this loyalty reward platform with our restaurants and retail establishments as a way to kick start traffic and sales for them."

- Laurel Rosen, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce


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(877) 415-4040

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Key Consumer Loyalty Statistics...

82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition.

75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards.

56% of customers stay loyal to brands which “get them.”

65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers.

Increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%.